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Project details

  • Final Budget: $9,500,000
  • Square Feet: 57,000 sq.ft.
  • Contract Type: Construction Management (CM)
  • Owner: Albuquerque Area Hospital
  • Architect: Spencer Matthew Bennington
  • Location: Albuquerque, MI


GO SMiLE, a health and beauty brand, sought a company with structural design & packaging manufacturing capabilities to help them develop high-end packaging, meet retailer requirements, make and deliver packaging for under $3 per unit, with the end user experience being the front and center of the issue.


After adopting a neutral approach for design, all we were left to do was find the ideal materials and manufacture the packaging. First, we generated renderings, die lines, prototype samples, and 3D mock-ups in house. With Compact managing the process, costs were reduced, the project timeline was shortened and the customer could adjust concepts on the fly. Our team then began making the packaging and preparing it for delivery. With impressive packaging to complement their product, GO SMiLE released the Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System to the world and has been making — and saving — millions ever since.


Since working with our team, GO SMiLE has boosted their bottom line and their brand, with results including:

Dramatic reductions in packaging development spend

Ability to produce packaging faster and make adjustments on the fly

Complete product sell-out on a televised shopping network

A number of awards, including one for design from PAC, Packaging Consortium in Canada

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